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In 1967, by stating that organizations design systems which mirror their own communication structure, Melvin Conway introduced the idea known today as the Conway’s Law. The notion that systems are inevitably condemned to obey to human biases is an observable fact but at the same time it sounds like something too fatalistic and definitive not to be questioned.

The Digital Transformation happening on the majority of organizations throughout all sectors worldwide is an opportunity to rethink preconceptions even the ones that defy our own human condition like the Conway’s Law, which actually has been successfully reverted and applied through a…

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Team Topologies for Data Engineering Teams

Data Teams have been the outliers of the IT departments for quite a long time. The majority of these teams follow practices that lack the efficiency, structure and flow of software development and raise questions about the excessive time-to-market or the poor release quality.

In recent years, and especially with the introduction of new roles and areas such as Data Science, Machine Learning or Big Data Engineering, Data Teams are being force to adopt not only a set of new practices and tools but also a different mindset which is now starting to mold…

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The world has been living in the dreams of giants such as Google, Apple or Amazon and embracing the technological wonders that help us connect and share experiences with people across the world with a single click, empowering and easing our lives, so that we could have the precious time we have always longed for, and also taking us beyond our established realities faster and farther than we could have ever fathomed.

However, when it comes to replicating the success these companies have achieved, many would say that it is a Dantesque journey not worth embarking on.

It’s easy to…

Pedro Gomes Mota

Driven by a strong believe that technology and humanity should work in a perfect symbiosis to transcend any known boundaries.

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